Saturday, August 28, 2010

Copypasta 3

The leader of the cows, our big black bull, was watching me. He sniffed me with his snot covered nose, getting me all tense and exciting inside as he sniffed all over me, covering me with some of his snot. With a gentle headbutt, he knocked me to the ground with his head and walked forward with his huge PENIS erect... I quickly obeyed my new master and guided his PENIS into my mouth. He then took over as he humped in and out of my throat getting in as much as he could. I could do nothing but lay there and enjoy it. I was serving my master as he humped in and out of my mouth... and then he started pissing into my mouth. I tried taking the PENIS out of mouth but I had no choice... I had to swallow it all! The rough tasting urine went down my throat like a waterfall choking me but I had to comply. Getting up, he promptly sat his ass on my face and rubbing it all over. Since it looked like I was stuck like this... I eagerly stuck my tongue into his waiting bumhole immediately tasting the sour taste of bull dung. I swirled my tongue in and out of his butt pleasuring him and cleaning him out. Suddenly, he got and a few cows came over to me and put their rear ends meancingly in front of me. Suddenly, a triple shower of golden cow piss flowed out from their butts and landed all over me, getting some into my mouth, all over my body, and thankfully all over me and my gentials! Ah, was it hot and stinky! The cows lifted their tails up and out came their sloppy brown and yellowish glops of cow manure all over me and my face. The moment one of the patties landed on my face, I noticed it was a lot to take in! The shit covered almost my entire body running down my sides and face until they stopped pooping. All covered in shit, the bull came over to me, sniffed me all over my shit and piss covered body. The bull then got me up and forced my face into one of the many cow's butts making me lick it clean. I began the grueling task, which lasted 2 hours.

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