Saturday, August 28, 2010

Copypasta 1

ill fucking destroy all of you motherfuckers up in here. been working out and attained what you lazy fags couldnt. big poppa pump aint got shit on me. id fucking twist your heads off like im opening up a bottle of beer. no one dares talk shit to me, because id feed them their fucking hearts, then hurl them 100 ft in the air by their cocks.

basically, fuck with me = a painful death. i know you will all talk your shit, but if this was real, you would be spritzing your diapers with shit and shaking like a newborn deer. hell, you fuckers arent even worthy of looking at my pic, thats how pathetic you all are. im only showing you though now, so you can see what the definition of a man is. i personify it. in the end, it is me who is laughing up, you ass clowns.

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